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Here’s a logo I did for a contest. It was for a ministry. I don’t think they’ve chosen who won yet. I hope they let me know one way or the other…


Sometime I’ll record a video because pictures really don’t show much. Plus this one is music based, anyway:

Here’s some screenshots


Click to go to the Download page.

After learning more about augmented reality, it got me thinking. If this were developed further, it would have nearly endless possibilities. As of now it is somewhat limited. What the viewer sees is coming from the cameras onto the screen. If this were to ever be more widely used, it needs to have the viewer being the one to see the real world, not the camera. To make it work though, you would need to be able to make small, transparent screens. There would still be a camera, but it would only be used for motion capture. Being clear, the screens would ‘add’ to the environment instead of ‘modifying’ it. This would, in turn, be better on the eyes and seem more natural.

Once that part is in place, we could start integrating this with other devices. As computers, media players, and the like get smaller, they are also becoming the same thing. With that, augmented reality is going to be and important asset. You could have a type of heads up display, for media, like photos, movies and music. Not to mention wireless possibilities. They could search and tether onto access points nearby, or heck, even satellites. Imagine being able to see directions out of the corner of your eyes, the time/date, recent news, etc. Or, who says that it has to be static? Buildings and cars could send out signals that tell the A.R. device to draw advertisements or other messages onto them. You could even change your own to put out a signal to others. When theirs picks it up, it would tell it to draw things differently on your person. Things like changing skin tone, hair/eye color, anything really. Though, since it ‘adds’, anything that changes can not be smaller because you would see the real thing behind it.

Truly, if augmented reality were developed further, it would completely change the way we interact with the world around us. With new technologies being created and improved, things are going to move very quickly. They say it doubles with each new technological achievement. And for a society that not long ago thought that a digital watch was a pretty neat idea, fully developed augmented reality, becoming a reality, is not far off.