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Just a Vista theme I’m starting to work on. Right now its just the ‘start orb’ but later I’m going to work on the rest.

If you want it as of now heres a link:


A while back I finished this map. I thought that I would re-release it since before it really didn’t get much of anything in response.

Pics in a bit.


No not really, this was just Photoshoped. But maybe if I can get it to work…

The name box thing above Bot1 is already done. It was just an edit of an existing one.

Heres a link for the name tags:

Lately I’ve been tinkering with the Hammer Editor for source engine games. I took some textures from an old gas station/auto-shop in our downtown. I also modeled the building after it, though the rest of the map is fictional.


-Early- (Issues with brushes going crazy)

-Later- (No 3d skybox)

-Recent- (Still no 3d skybox, but a bunch more internal detail+other buildings)

Just messing with blurs.

‘Ats about it…


From my canoe trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas. I thought some of these would make a neat background(s). This is only the first one but I’ll do more later.


The’ stacker’ was made in Blender 3D. It’s basically just a bunch of cubes falling from the sky that slowly stack up over time until they are ‘swept’ off only to restart again. I think it’s kinda cool…