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The TF2 server ‘The Soup Hut’ is now back online!

It’s website has had a bit of a revamp as well.

Join the server below or join through the ‘Server’ tab on the website.



The original image was from the cover of ‘Science and Mechanics’ November 1931 issue.

The image has been public domain for a long while now though the original artist worked for Gernsback Publications.
I love old sci-fi art like this and patched it together into quick, background sized images to share with you.

More resolutions can be found at my DA page.

It’s coming along very well. Here’s the most recent version:

I really have no idea why these are not installed by default.


Wiremod(I’ll let you figure out how to install this one.):

Easy Precision/Smart Snap:

Buoyancy Tool:

Advanced Duplicator(If you want to save things in Multiplayer):

Stacker Tool:

Unbreakable Tool:

Weight Tool(Extremely Useful):


You can get most through the ‘Toybox’ tab on the new games menu.















This gradient is probably copyright to Microsoft.

Just a quick animation I did for chemistry class. It’s choppy at the beginning because I had to slow it down some and it has a low frame rate as it is. I’m not happy with it but it works.

The Soup Hut is now open for business.

Website (WIP):

Team Fortress 2 Game Server:

More modular. I like it.

I’m starting a new mod with the Source Base. I’m not sure if this is the name I’m sticking with but it kind of matches the game. Basically, it’s a 2.5D shoot ’em up. Though, unlike others this one is going to have an actual plot, cut-scenes, etc. Hopefully it will all work out. I do plan on sticking with it until its finished, then again that’s how I try to do a lot of things 😐 Ah well, I will update as the progress continues. For now I have to get C++ 2005 running on Vista…I hate you Microsoft…